What we do

• We offer a variety of consulting services.

• In the role of Insurance Adjusting, we are Texas licensed all-lines insurance adjusters. We work with a multitude of regional and national insurance companies in times of disaster. As contracted agents for the insurance companies, we meet with individuals to help them with their claims in their time of need.

• As consultants for Executive Finance, we offer many services such as temporary and long-term appointments to assist in every aspect of business. Often our experience is best utilized in dramatic changing of business hierarchy and corporate culture.

• As HR Trainers or Corporate Trainers, we offer many years of experience in both regional and nationally travelled platforms. Our teams have worked in most of the 50 states. We offer all services including keynote addresses, trade-show exhibits, class-room settings, and one-on-one trainings. Trainings can be custom built to suit the clients needs.

Who we are

We are a female-owned small-business consulting corporation based in Texas. Our business is general consulting in the fields of insurance adjustment, HR and Corporate Training, and other generalities. Our staff yields over 25 years of knowledge in the above fields.

Our Mission

The most articulated value in Greek culture is areté. Translated as "virtue," the word actually means something closer to "being the best you can be," or "reaching your highest human potential." The man or woman of areté is a person of the highest effectiveness; they use all their faculties: strength, bravery, wit, and intelligence, to achieve real results. The concept implies a human-centered universe in which human actions are of paramount importance; the world is a place of conflict and difficulty, and human value and meaning is measured against individual effectiveness in the world.

“Arête implies a respect for the wholeness or oneness of life, and a consequent dislike of specialization. It implies contempt for efficiency-or rather a much higher idea of efficiency, an efficiency which exists not in one department, but in life itself.” Homer, The Odyssey

We wish to give this vision value, and bring it into our daily lives… not only in our professional lives, but in our personal lives as well. We believe our actions are of paramount importance to ourselves, and those around us.